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Corporate Responsibility

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Evaluating Applications

The Foundation and The Foundation Committee, which administers The Foundation’s activities, are committed to a transparent application screening/grantee selection process based on consideration of the following established criteria
(* indicates key criteria): 

  • Consistency of the applicant's organizational and project goals with the Foundation's mission*
  • Credibility and record of accomplishment of the applying organization and the individuals who will be responsible for the program for which funding is being sought*
  • The likelihood that Foundation support will have a "material impact" and sustainable results/outcomes*
  • Reasonableness of the proposed budget*
  • The nature of the benefits of the project in terms of addressing demonstrated needs and/or the scale of the population that is impacted or potentially impacted by the project and its broader application*
  • How the results will be used and communicated
  • How the effectiveness of the proposed program will be monitored, evaluated and reported
  • How the proposed program will result in public engagement and informed decision making
  • Likelihood for matching, leveraging or sustained support by other organizations
  • Opportunity for recognition of The Foundation
  • Opportunity for pro-bono involvement by qualified ENVIRON staff
  • Overall compliance with submission guidelines

While ENVIRON encourages staff to participate in philanthropic and community service organizations, the participation of ENVIRON management, staff or their families in any capacity in the applying organization, or in the specifically proposed project, will not influence the outcome of the application review. Furthermore, in order to avoid any perception of potential conflict of interest, each application from an organization in which ENVIRON management, staff or their relatives are involved, beyond simple membership, must clearly cite how such parties are involved in the applicant organization.