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Corporate Responsibility Policy


The aim of ENVIRON's Corporate Responsibility Policy is to provide a clear understanding of how ENVIRON recognizes and manages the influence we have on our employees and clients through our practices at work, our impact and the impact of our clients on the environment, our interaction with the communities in which we work, and the principles we adopt in business. This policy sets out ENVIRON's corporate responsibility objectives, explains how the policy is implemented and outlines the commitments which underpin the policy.


Our objectives are as follows:

  • To be regarded as an employer of first choice, through a commitment to personal and professional development, diversity and inclusion and to providing a safe, healthy and respectful place to work
  • To promote the protection of human health and a sustainable global environment through the application of sound scientific, strategic and innovative consulting, and by supporting education, training and applied research
  • To reduce the environmental footprint of our own operations
  • To support the communities in which we work and live
  • To operate in a manner consistent with the highest standards of business ethics

This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it continues to support these objectives.


ENVIRON's Corporate Responsibility Policy applies throughout the firm. Adoption of the policy is by the EHI Board of Directors. Responsibility for direction, implementation and endorsement of this policy lies with the EHI Management Committee. The Corporate Responsibility Committee (CRC) which reports directly to the EHI Management Committee, is responsible for the continued development of the firm's programs, commitments and actions in this area, and for monitoring their effectiveness. The CRC also recommends and tracks actions to improve the performance of supporting programs and to ensure an awareness and understanding of our Corporate Responsibility Policy at all levels of the firm. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of all within the firm to uphold our Corporate Responsibility Policy and the commitments it contains.



ENVIRON strives to support all those who are a part of the firm to achieve their full potential. We embrace diversity and treat all with whom we engage fairly, responsibly and with dignity, respecting their individual differences and ensuring all are treated equally in opportunity. We are committed to providing our employees with a healthy, safe and respectful place to work.

  • Professional Development. We are committed to providing the tools and training necessary to help our people address client needs effectively and efficiently, through growth in leadership skills, technical competence and business planning and management skills. We are committed to the professional development of employees through formal appraisal processes, coaching and mentoring, and by encouraging further training, professional memberships, publications and participation at seminars and conferences.
  • Diversity and Inclusion. We are committed to embracing diversity in the characteristics, background and experiences of our employees, clients and communities. We are committed to inclusion and equal opportunity in recruitment, training and promotion, and to provide all employees with equal opportunities to achieve personal and professional success.
  • Health and Safety. We are committed to promoting a healthy and safe work environment for all employees. Through the implementation of our global Health and Safety Policy and program, we will continuously strive to achieve excellence in health and safety by reviewing recognized best practices, seeking input from our employees for improvement and regularly evaluating the success of the program. Through these mechanisms, we promote a culture of individual, collective and corporate responsibility for the health and safety of all employees and those with whom we engage on client assignments.
  • Ethics. ENVIRON is committed to upholding the highest standards of business ethics in all our internal and external affairs. As part of this commitment, ENVIRON has also established a Business Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct which applies to all employees. We deliver interactive on-line training for all employees in the various aspects of workplace conduct, such as harassment, to foster awareness and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of all staff members to ensure a workplace environment where all employees are treated with dignity and respect.


We recognize the opportunity to promote the protection of human health and a sustainable environment through our work on behalf of our clients, and through our own operations. ENVIRON's vision centers on assisting its clients in addressing their most challenging environmental and public health issues by applying sound science, strategic thinking and innovative approaches. ENVIRON's Environmental Sustainability Policy sets out our commitments to reduce our environmental footprint, and help our clients do the same, by establishing the means to measure and reduce energy, water and other consumable use; direct and indirect greenhouse house gas (GHG) emissions; and the amount of waste we generate.


ENVIRON recognizes its responsibility to the local communities in which we work and operate and to the global community at large. We are committed to encouraging employees' personal and professional contributions to our communities, by supporting individuals and groups at ENVIRON who wish to volunteer time to worthy organizations and through initiatives such as ENVIRON's Pro Bono and Disaster Relief programs. We are also committed to supporting education, training, and applied research on critical environmental and public health issues, for example, through the ENVIRON Foundation.