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Center for Exposure Reconstruction and Analysis (CERA)

Current or historical chemical exposures in the workplace, at home or in the environment often raise concerns regarding potential human health risks. Understanding and managing these risks and their associated liabilities requires a thorough analysis of exposure conditions. ENVIRON's Center for Exposure Reconstruction and Analysis (CERA) brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts in toxicology, epidemiology, industrial hygiene, exposure assessment and chemical transport. We apply the pre-eminent skills and experience of these experts to reconstruct exposures for occupational settings, home environments, facility emissions and consumer products, and to evaluate the implications of such exposures.

CERA enables clients to resolve uncertainties in exposure and risk based on sound, defensible, state-of-the-art science. ENVIRON’s testing facility allows us to replicate work practices and human behavior to recreate critical exposure conditions. Empowered by a comprehensive understanding of exposures, our clients are positioned to identify previously unknown business risks; manage historical, current and future risks; target areas for exposure control; keep pace with product stewardship best practices; and address concerns raised by regulatory agencies or in litigation.


To discuss your issues and challenges related to Center for Exposure Reconstruction and Analysis (CERA), please contact Fred Boelter, Principal.