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Waste Management

ENVIRON develops innovative solutions to a broad range of waste management needs of our private- and public-sector clients such as waste minimization, recycling and reuse; hazardous, radioactive and solid waste management; conceptual and detailed design, construction and advisory services on waste treatment and disposal facilities and operations; and product life cycle/stewardship evaluations.  We work closely with our clients to establish project goals early, so that subsequent activities are directed toward their efficient, environmentally sound and timely resolution. Our successful track record of combining our strong risk-based skills and technology know-how has established us as a premier consultant in this arena.

We are familiar with of the relevant environmental regulations and critical issues that impact our clients' costs, public image and liabilities. Bringing together ENVIRON’s knowledge of waste management practices in a broad range of industry and manufacturing sectors with our expertise in engineering, technology, risk assessment, product stewardship and sustainability enables us to develop cost-effective and sustainable waste management strategies that meet regulatory requirements and support the protection of public health and the environment. 


To discuss your issues and challenges related to Waste Management, please contact J. Mark Nielsen, Principal.

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