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International Finance

ENVIRON’s International Finance (IF) practitioners provide environmental and social impact and management expertise to project developers or lenders on major international developments―including infrastructure, thermal and renewable energy, mining, and oil and natural gas projects. The social and environmental challenges associated with major international projects can be highly complex, and for linear developments such as pipelines, telecommunications cables, major roads and power transmission lines, these challenges are frequently compounded by the need to cross international borders.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the host country, projects seeking international financing must also meet relevant lender standards such as the Equator Principles, the IFC Performance Standards and other IFI requirements such as the OECD Common Approaches. Whether working on behalf of financial institutions or project developers, we help define and manage reputational risks, and identify and manage environmental and social challenges.

See also: Impact Assessment and Planning


To discuss your issues and challenges related to International Finance, please contact Neil Daetwyler, Principal.