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EHS Management

In today’s sophisticated global marketplace, companies are increasingly recognizing the need to develop strategic environment, health and safety (EHS) management programs as part of their overall business plan. Improved EHS management can improve compliance with government regulations, reduce liabilities and create economic value and competitive advantage.

ENVIRON offers an outstanding combination of technical, regulatory, management and training skills to help companies successfully implement strategic environmental and business risk management programs across a broad range of industrial sectors. We provide critical assistance to our clients in implementation of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and other management systems; analysis of emerging national and international environmental issues and standards; health and safety training; analytical decision making; evaluating environmental reserves; and evaluating EHS investments to ensure cost-effective risk management.

The fundamental risk assessment and risk management perspective that we apply to problem-solving provides us with a distinct advantage in evaluating the potential significance of EHS issues and shaping appropriate responses.


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