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Building Technology Services

People spend the vast majority of their time indoors—at work, at school, at home. Proper design, construction and maintenance are critical to achieving healthy indoor environments. ENVIRON's Building Technology Services staff of forensic architects, mechanical engineers, environmental scientists, Certified Industrial Hygienists, indoor environmental quality specialists and other experts work collaboratively to provide diagnostic evaluations of building-related problems and to develop comprehensive and efficient solutions. Our licensed and accredited professionals are recognized leaders in the industry, and offer expert support across an integrated suite of services, including:

Building Element Failure Analysis | "Sick Building Syndrome" Investigations
Indoor Air Quality | Ventilation Analyses | LEED Certification Assistance
Water Intrusion/Mold Investigations and Abatement | Building Envelope Repair
Regulated Building Materials Assessment/Abatement | Green Roof Designs
Expert Services | Property Condition Assessments


To discuss your issues and challenges related to Building Technology Services, please contact James Poole, Principal.

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Position: Principal
Phone: +1 813 628 4325
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