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EHS Information Management

As an organization’s environment, health and safety (EHS) enterprise extends to include management, contractors, consultants, regulatory agencies, stakeholders and shareholders (internal and external), technology-based systems become a virtual necessity in order manage and share information efficiently and cost-effectively. ENVIRON offers an array of sophisticated, customized EHS information management solutions. From concept through delivery, we work together with clients, drawing on an enviable blend of world-class expertise in environmental sciences and engineering and depth of experience in cutting-edge information technology. The result is a tailored solution that makes relevant EHS information readily accessible and reportable—delivered on time and within budget.

Our professionals develop and deploy solutions for corporations, government agencies, trade associations and other clients with a wide variety of EHS information management needs, including:

  • web portals to manage documents, GIS Maps and analytical data
  • tools for energy monitoring and targeting and greenhouse gas emissions calculation and tracking
  • Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS) to facilitate the efficient flow of information throughout an organization
  • workflow applications, with inspection and audit functionality, finding tracking, etc.
  • asset management applications, often in combination with EMIS and workflow applications
  • air emissions data management (e.g., Prevention of Significant Deterioration and netting calculations)


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