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Matt Davies

Matt leads our global Impact Assessment and Planning practice, mobilising the multiple disciplines of environmental, health and social sciences around the firm to deliver project approvals on a wide range of national and international projects. Drawing on over 27 years of experience, across a broad range of sectors, including infrastructure, mining, power and renewables, oil and gas and transport, Matt works with clients in developing ESIA and related impact assessment projects to international standards. He has led many EIA and ESIA projects and related commissions throughout the UK and overseas. His advice on ESIA strategy, knowledge of regulations and his delivery of complex multi-disciplinary projects, in many cases to accompany approval processes for major, sometimes contentious projects, is highly valued by clients seeking to minimize delays, limit uncertainty and retain flexibility. He leads discussions on scope and approach, conducts stakeholder and community consultation, and advises on development design to mitigate environmental and social impact. He is experienced in a range of UK EIA and consenting frameworks including land use planning, electricity generation and transmission, pipelines, ports and harbours. He has acted as an expert witness on numerous matters relating to EIA, has advised government on EIA policy and legal compliance and has published research on post-project EIA. Matt holds a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Biology.