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Manuel “Manny” Dekermenjian, PhD, PE

Manny Dekermenjian has more than 16 years of experience in engineering and analysis of chemical processes, characterization of chemical releases and investigation of thermal and combustion related failures. Manny performs sampling and evaluation of indoor air quality and atmospheric emissions, including issues such as particulates, odors, smoke and carbon monoxide. He has analyzed the physical and chemical properties of substances. He has evaluated consumer products, such as household appliances, air cleaners and electronics. He has investigated incidents involving a variety of chemicals, including hydrogen sulfide, silane, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, carbon monoxide, nitrogen trifluoride, mercury, natural gas, LPG gas, liquid fuels, crude oil, solvents and various acids and bases. Manny conducts engineering analysis and experimental testing—involving chemistry, heat transfer, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics—and has designed and conducted environmental chamber experiments. In addition, he has performed investigations in industrial, commercial and residential settings. Manny is a certified fire and explosion investigator, and maintains HAZWOPER certification.