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Stephen Song, PhD

Dr. Steve Song has over 25 years of experience in civil and environmental engineering, much of which is related to the investigation, risk assessment and remediation of industrial, brownfield and hazardous waste sites under RCRA, Superfund and similar state laws. His recent work includes directing many RCRA corrective actions to meet tight deadlines for achieving risk-based performance goals, in order to control unacceptable human exposures and migration of contaminated groundwater. These projects have included sites designated as high-priority by USEPA, and brownfield sites that were undergoing site redevelopment simultaneously with the site investigation and risk assessment. Steve’s areas of expertise include human health risk assessment, fate and transport modeling (including vapor intrusion, groundwater flow and transport and air emission and dispersion), statistical data analysis (including indoor air, soil vapor and RCRA groundwater monitoring data) and RCRA hazardous waste management. Steve earned his a BS, MS and PhD in engineering from the University of California-Los Angeles.